WAVLINK Multifunctional Display Card - Watch the game in office

29/12/2022 wavlink

WAVLINK Multifunctional Display Card - Watch the game in office

The 2019 Basketball World Cup group stage competition is fierce and drama reversals happen from time to time, although the Chinese team lost last night in Beijing, but this is also a good sharpening, do not go through the storm, how can we see the rainbow.

At that time early to open the laptop ready, but the computer screen is too small to watch the video is not too much, so hastily find out the home Ruiying UG17D1 multifunctional expansion screen graphics card to the TV display large screen, 1080P HD display, smooth and not spend screen, always follow the TA figure. Basketball World Cup group stage is a cruel gladiatorial factory, go all out without leaving regrets and become a better version of yourself. The next time the excitement continues, also use UG17D1 multifunctional expansion graphics card to witness this moment.

UG17D1 multi-functional expansion graphics card can not only catch up with the stars and watch the game on a large screen, but also connect to a monitor expansion, which can achieve dual-screen simultaneous operation, processing without delay, and more efficient work. UG17D1 expansion graphics card has undergone layers of polishing, with DVI to HDMI, DVI to VGA adapters, suitable for a variety of interface monitor expansion, convenient to use.

Want to expand the large screen, want to dual-screen processing, UG17D1 multi-function expansion graphics card can meet you, more HD video display, faster office efficiency, think what you want, do what you need, you want I have, for the office display expansion and born.

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