Wavlink AC1200 High Power 4G LTE Outdoor Wi-Fi Router Dual Band Wireless Internet Hotspot WiFi with SIM Card Slot, 4 High Gain Antennas, Support Router/Mesh Router Mode

[Convert 4G LTE Signal to WiFi] Simply insert a nano SIM card and get the device connected to the power supply through our PoE converter, then the WiFi hotspot provided automatically for you to connect. Users can share a more stable and accessible internet with up to 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed, which is especially convenient for places where cable internet is unavailable

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Wavkink AC1200/ 4G LTE Outdoor WiFi Router

High Power Wi-Fi is Provided to Wherever Needs it


Product Overview

This AC1200/ 4G LTE dual-band highpower outdoor Wi-Fi router adopts LTE Category 4 technology, alone with 4x7dBi omni-directional antennas and 2x5dBi internal omni-directional antennas. Support access to internet via HSPA/LTE Data Nano SIM Card or Internet access/PPPoE work mode. If you don't have a 4G Nano SIM card, you can use it connect to modem/router working as router mode. The 4G connection of speed up to download 150Mbps/ upload 50Mbps, combined with wireless speeds of up to 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 867Mbps even in harsh conditions thanks to its weather-proof design. With connection range is up to a distance of 200m (according to the actual environment change), it is used for providing free Wi-Fi service in big area such as factory, community, street or etc. You can run multiple applications in a large home or office. Wish you'd have an enjoyable use experience with our product!


MU-MIMO Matters: Equipped with the 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology, this outdoor router easily delivers dual-band Wi-Fi to multiple devices at the same time. Just say goodbye to bandwidth congestion. 


Wide Range Transmission: 4*7dBi Omni-Directional antennas helps get a perfect performance in long-distance, with connection range up to a distance of 200m (may change via the actual environment). 


PoE Powered: Power over Ethernet supported (PoE Adapter Included), it's convenient to run power by plugging in Ethernet cables. Pole or wall mounted design allows a flexible deployment and convenient installation. Note: The PoE part of the router is not waterproof.


Mesh Networking: Supporting advanced Mesh technology, you can connect our WN572HE4 with other wavlink mesh devices to form a Mesh WiFi system to enjoy a seamless and smooth internet roaming.


4G CAT4 Speed: This 4G router provides a faster and better broadband experience with speeds up to 150Mb/s in downloading, and 50Mb/s in uploading, which brings you a great surfing experience easily.


Dual Bands Accessible: Total speed of up to 1200Mbps, it shares a simultaneous dual band Wi-Fi network with 2.4 GHz 300 Mbps and 5 GHz 867 Mbps, ideal for lag-free gaming, HD streaming, file-sharing and more.


Access up to 84 Devices: Easily share a stable 4G connection or Ethernet connection of up to 84 wireless devicecs. Another LAN port is provided for wired devices to connect internet such as desktops. 


Plug and Play: Simply insert your 4G nano SIM card to share a more stable and accessible internet for more users, which is especially convenient for some places where cable internet is unavailable to get.


Gigabit Ethernet Ports: Equipped with two fully gigabit ports: one WAN (Passive PoE) port plus one LAN port, both support up to 1000Mbps bandwith access and give you an excellent network speed experience.


Detachable Antennas: Four detachable highpower antennas(2.4G, 4G, 5G*2) greatly improve wireless network reception and transmission, providing a wider wireless range and more stable network connection.


Superior Encryption Protection: Supports Open, WPA2 PSK and WPA2 PSK/WPA3 PSK Mix. Easily establish a safty connection for online streaming, securing it with a trusty encryption at the same time.


Modes Select: Support 4G router Mode and nomal router mode, and you can also mix them by inserting a 4G and connect to a modem/router at the same time. And then your 4G network would serve as a backup WiFi signal. 



-Simultaneous Dual Band 2.4G+5G, Speed up to 1200Mbps

-Easy Installation, Flexible Deployment

-Supports 4G, Router Mode

-1x WAN(Passive POE) 1000Mbps Ethernet Port

-1x LAN 1000Mbps Ethernet Port

-High Transmission Power for Extreme WiFi Coverage

-Features 4x RP-SMA Connectors for External Antennas

-Robust Weatherproof Enclosure Design,15KV ESD and 4KV Lightning Protection 

-Supports Passive PoE Power Supply (through Network Cable) up to 60 Meters

-Complies with IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n Standards

-Supports Open, WPA2 PSK and WPA2 PSK/WPA3 PSK Mix 

-Supports EasyMesh Router Function 



Q1. Why doesn't the login page appear after entering ? 

- Make sure your PC is set to obtain IP address automatically. 

- Please make sure you have entered the correct website. 

- Reboot your device and try again.

Q2. What can I do if I can not access the Internet? 

- Make sure your Internet works normally, please contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider) if it doesn't. 

- Initiate your browser, enter, then set up following the quick start guide. 

- Reboot your device and try again.

Q3. How do I restore the device to factory default setting? 

- Press and hold the reset button of mesh device for 6 seconds.

Q4. What can I do if I forget my administration management password? 

- Please refer to Q3 to reset the device, the default password is admin.

Q5. How to find the best location for mesh devices? 

- Please put your mesh devices in a relatively open space to avoid obstacles such as metal objects, reinforced concrete walls and so on. 


Please Note: 

* The real performance of the product may vary in accordance with different environmental conditions. 

* If your device is damaged or defective, please contact our customer service for more details. 

* All pictures shown on the package are for illustration purpose only. 

Jim : Does this have a static ip address?
2023-10-16 21:18:05
Answer: The product itself supports setting a static IP address, but based on your literal interpretation, you might be referring to a public static IP address. A public static IP address is obtained by applying to your local ISP service provider, which may be referred to as a dedicated line.
2023-10-19 16:20:18

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[Convert 4G LTE Signal to WiFi] Simply insert a nano SIM card and get the device connected to the power supply through our PoE converter, then the WiFi hotspot provided automatically for you to connect. Users can share a more stable and accessible internet with up to 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed, which is especially convenient for places where cable internet is unavailable.


[Dual Band Seamless Streaming] The AC1200 highpower router provides both 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, making it possible to enjoy max. 867Mbps ultra-fast 5GHz Wi-Fi and 300Mbps stable 2.4GHz WiFi. Simple tasks like web browsing can be handled by 2.4GHz band, while bandwidth intensive tasks like online gaming or streaming can be processed by the 5GHz band at the same time.


[High Power Antennas] 4 x 7dBi omni directional antennas extensively strengthen Wi-Fi signal and expand wider coverage in the open air. The connection range is up to a distance of 200m (may change via the actual environment), covers hard-to-reach dead zones. High-power and enhanced receiver design is ideal for providing Wi-Fi service in big area such as factory, community, street or etc. Note: The PoE part of the router is not waterproof.


[Everything Mesh Supported] This Wi-Fi booster allows you to constitute a large-coverage mesh network system through working together with our other Wavlink mesh router/AP/repeater (one mesh network supports up to 7 mesh nodes). Easily keep about 84 devices connected simultaneously with dual bands accessible, which is superior choice for seamless lag-free HD streaming, gaming and other tasks.


[What You Get]: 1x WiFi Outdoor 4G LTE Mesh Router; 1x 4G Omni Antennas; 1x 2.4G Omni Antennas; 2x 5G Omni Antennas; 1x RJ45 Networking Cable; 1x Power Adapter; 1 x PoE Converter; 1x Main Body Holder; 2 x Cable Ties; 1x Screw Fitting Kit; 1x Quick Start Guide.12-month worry free warranty( extra 6 months for registered members) and life-long technical support.

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