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There is some crucial information we want you to know, but the information may gradually fade away. Therefore, we have to create this article to reiterate our important message.


Regarding how to participate in our website's affiliate program:

You can earn part-time income by promoting our website. Of course, you can also work full-time to help us with promotions, especially if you are a localized opinion leader.


  1. Join the Alliance
  2. How to use the affiliate promotion feature built into the store?
  3. What is the withdrawal process for the affiliate program?


Regarding the points, balances, and other promotional policies provided by the website's built-in marketing activities.


C code and member registration

Subscribe to emails (sharing the same subscription list as Wavlink's official newsletter).


Please agree to subscribe when registering


  1. We will issue unbranded coupons (10%-20% OFF), which can be gifted to friends as they are unbranded.
  2. Product launches: Sometimes we release the latest products created by the company, usually through a pre-order method (we call it crowdfunding) for users.
  3. Occasionally, we send out our professional knowledge (expertise mastered by WAVLINK).

We have enabled guest checkout functionality. However, an important issue is that if you make a purchase and wish to track your order information, you must submit an email ticket through email or the WAVLINK official website to access tracking details for your shipment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you register as a member on our website.

By registering as a member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Stay informed about your order information at all times.
  2. Participate in our in-house affiliate program to earn income such as a coffee or breakfast.
  3. Receive promotional policies tailored for members during our marketing campaigns.
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