WAVLINK AERIAL HD6 WiFi 6 AX1800: High-Performance PoE and IP67 Outdoor Dual-Band Long Range Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Wi-Fi finds wide applications in various sectors. Public spots like parks, squares, and cafes offer connectivity. Enterprises need it for outdoor workspaces and conference rooms. Schools use it in playgrounds and sports areas. Hotels and resorts benefit in gardens and pool locations. Transportation hubs maintain it in waiting areas with outdoor Wi-Fi. Farms and greenhouses rely on it for monitoring systems. Logistics use it in ports and warehouses for operations.

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AX3000 Wi-Fi repeater for outdoor

wavlink ax1800 outdoor


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Use strong passwords

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Update router firmware

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Enable network encryption

Choose an appropriate encryption method (such as WPA2) to protect your WiFi network. Avoid using outdated or insecure encryption protocols.

Disable SSID broadcast

Disable the SSID broadcast feature of your WiFi router to make your network invisible to outsiders. This reduces the likelihood of potential attackers discovering your network.

Set up access control

Limit the number of devices that can connect to your WiFi network and set up an Access Control List (ACL) to only allow authorized devices to connect.

Change passwords regularly

Change your WiFi password periodically, recommended every 3-6 months, to further enhance security.

Install a firewall

Add a firewall to your network to block unauthorized access and malicious activities.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Encrypt and protect your data privacy when browsing on public WiFi networks by using a VPN service.

Restrict remote management

Disable remote management functionality of the router to prevent unauthorized access.

Mike Raynor: How much eathernet cable does it come with and is it cat 5 or cat 6
2024-02-18 03:41:45
Answer: 0.8 Meters. The 573HX1 supports 802.3at/af which is comatible with DC48V active poe switch or adapter. You can connect the 573HX1 to the poe with up to 100 meters Ethernet cable.
2024-02-23 08:43:05
Oscar: I would like to install a MESH Wi-Fi network with three WL-WN586X3 indoor equipment and a WL-WN573HX1 outdoor equipment, all interconnected. Can it be done? How can I do it?
2024-02-02 12:04:07
Answer: The WL-WN586X3 router and the WL-WN573HX1 outdoor AP could be created as a mesh network together. In this case the 586X3 should be set as a mesh router. \nThen 573HX1 will be act as mesh extender in the mesh networt.\nHow to connect the mesh extender to the mesh router. Please press and hold the pair button on the router for 2 seconds . then press and hold the pair button at the bottom of the 573HX1 for 2 seconds within 2 mintues.\nWhen paired successfully, the logo indicator on the top of the router and the indicator at the bottom of the expander will appear a steady blue color.\n
2024-02-23 09:06:34
Oscar : Which Wavlink products are compatible with in MESH mode. I want to make an indoor MESH Wi-Fi network with an external AERIAL HD6 WiFi 6 AX1800 unit.
2024-02-02 11:50:13
Answer: The wavlink router WL-WN531AX2X3 could be set to act as a mesh router or mesh controller to work with WAVLINK WL-WN573HX1 AX1800 outdoor AP in a mesh network.\n531AX2 router is available here:\nhttps://www.amazon.com/WAVLINK-AX1800-Wireless-Internet-TouchLink/dp/B09D3B31ZZ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=5XDYQLSDET5W&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Brsdx6NJxBg6AP7Zm4gUPs2u7n1KRXnZxN4ZyorqG0vhF2OwXTNASAzx_g7NTU-xBS7z-LJDiQ7ce9SCy-Au1wiCm7lm7tNjtgr5WvcI6OJVHL2pbEnlgIse2D-D9rETG8SmUptHh2j8RDmSVAN5SmA-BiWO1uTs3OiPW2sj59gxp5GyvM2ByiP1e7pg86Zxwx3zO2MURE4tUwrpRlwRnvdkWB0gjjeozrezeIrEzyI.5LTxrG37DSdqkBvZtA9c88SRK_Te_e2Ha3bze0p4pqE&dib_tag=se&keywords=WAVLINK+AX1800+router&qid=1708650592&sprefix=wavlink+ax1800+rou%2Caps%2C469&sr=8-2
2024-02-23 09:10:50
Oscar : Which Wavlink products are compatible with in MESH mode. I want to make an indoor MESH Wi-Fi network with an external AERIAL HD6 WiFi 6 AX1800 unit.
2024-02-02 11:50:12
Answer: The wavlink router WL-WN531AX2X3 could be set to act as a mesh router or mesh controller to work with WAVLINK WL-WN573HX1 AX1800 outdoor AP in a mesh network.\\n531AX2 router is available here:\\nhttps://www.amazon.com/WAVLINK-AX1800-Wireless-Internet-TouchLink/dp/B09D3B31ZZ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=5XDYQLSDET5W&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Brsdx6NJxBg6AP7Zm4gUPs2u7n1KRXnZxN4ZyorqG0vhF2OwXTNASAzx_g7NTU-xBS7z-LJDiQ7ce9SCy-Au1wiCm7lm7tNjtgr5WvcI6OJVHL2pbEnlgIse2D-D9rETG8SmUptHh2j8RDmSVAN5SmA-BiWO1uTs3OiPW2sj59gxp5GyvM2ByiP1e7pg86Zxwx3zO2MURE4tUwrpRlwRnvdkWB0gjjeozrezeIrEzyI.5LTxrG37DSdqkBvZtA9c88SRK_Te_e2Ha3bze0p4pqE&dib_tag=se&keywords=WAVLINK+AX1800+router&qid=1708650592&sprefix=wavlink+ax1800+rou%2Caps%2C469&sr=8-2
2024-02-23 09:21:49
Wilson vasquez: Que distancia real alcanza, cuantos metros de distancias
2024-01-31 08:25:34
Answer: El rango de cobertura real puede alcanzar los 300 metros. Por supuesto, este valor cambiará según el entorno. Trate de mantenerse alejado de obstrucciones, particiones y similares.
2024-02-23 09:32:05
Robert N Martinez: Does the PoE Adapter come with the product? If not where can I get one?
2023-09-28 00:53:40
Answer: Hello, our product comes with a built-in POE adapter, but it is only compatible with this specific device. If you need a POE switch, we do not provide that.
2023-09-28 17:05:00
Nick: Can I connect the device to a poe switch?
2023-06-17 15:53:09
Answer: Yes, as long as the voltage of your POE switch is compatible with our working voltage, there should be no problem at all. Additionally, our company is also developing its own POE switches that are suitable for homes and small to medium-sized enterprises.
2023-06-23 08:06:12
Andreas Gottschalk: I have a serious question! It is written as having a MESH function. But unfortunately it also says: "The Wavlink Everything Mesh WiFi system is a proprietary mesh system and is not compatible with other brands of mesh networking systems. If you have purchased several Wavlink Everything Mesh devices, you can interconnect them to create an overall mesh network covering a wider area." This means that it will NOT work with a FritzBox made in Germany! Is there still a way to couple the mesh function via other means (devices)?
2023-06-13 20:04:25
Answer: We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of compatibility between our mesh network protocol and other brands\\\' mesh systems. Each brand and manufacturer has its own unique network protocols and technical standards, which can pose challenges in terms of interoperability.\n\nWe understand that this may cause some inconvenience, and we will continue to strive for improvement and enhance the compatibility of our products to meet the evolving needs of users. Thank you for your understanding and support.
2023-06-17 16:01:01
Loren: What is IP67, and does it help for outdoor routers?
2023-05-19 11:33:51
Answer: IP67 is a dust and waterproofing standard, which means that the device can prevent dust from entering to a certain extent and withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. For outdoor routers, if they meet this standard, it can protect the device in harsh weather conditions and ensure its normal operation. Therefore, IP67 is very helpful for the protection of outdoor routers.
2023-05-19 11:36:41

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    • Supports 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM for much faster wireless connections.
    • Supports MU-MIMO & OFDMA technique to simultaneously communicate with multiple devices in a very effective way. - Multiple PoE Options for Easy Installation: Supports both 802.3af/at active PoE and passive PoE power supply, making installation effortless and flexible.
    • Four 8dBi omni-directional detachable antennas greatly strengthen signals. The glass tube antenna is meant for high precision, corrosion resistance, long life, strong wind resistance.
    • The durable, weatherproof IP67 enclosure protects the access point against harsh outdoor conditions and provides stable wireless coverage up to 200-300m.
    • Sets up in minutes with the WavRouter App or Web UI, easily manage WiFi settings and monitor data usage.
    • Can be easily installed on a wall or a pole with the provided mounting kits.
    • Better Partner with Mesh System: Compatible with Wavlink Everything Mesh WiFi system for seamless roaming and whole-home coverage.

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