Take you to buy WAVLINK AC1200 High Power Outdoor WiFi Range Extender with a discount using C-CODE at the Wavlink online store

09/03/2024 WAVLINK

This article introduces how to use C-code to purchase discounted products from Wavlink. It also introduces what kind of brand Wavlink is.

WAVLINK is a wireless router brand that has recently gained sudden popularity. The original introduction of their company is as follows:


Wavlink is a company specializing in the field of networking and communication technology. Established in 2011, we are dedicated to providing users with high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly network tools and peripheral technology solutions. We have built a strong reputation within the industry.


The mission of Wavlink is to bring people closer to the world, and our core values revolve around being product-centric and prioritizing customer experience. We always put ourselves in the user's shoes, continuously engage in research and development, and strive for innovation. This enables us to design superior network devices and solutions that we then bring to market.


As one of the leading global providers of networking and communication products, our network devices and solutions are widely applicable in home, enterprise, and industrial environments. We have collaborated with renowned companies such as Intel, MTK, DisplayLink, and others as our valued partners.


We have over 2 million loyal customers worldwide who benefit from our network and communication products' outstanding performance, user-friendliness, reliability, and comprehensive after-sales service.


Wavlink is committed to continuous innovation in the field of network devices and solutions. We strive to introduce products that meet market demands and provide users with more efficient and secure connectivity options. Our brand presence extends through a global network of authorized distributors, ensuring extensive market coverage.


Wavlink is renowned in the field of network devices and solutions for its innovation, high quality, and sustainability. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized through various prestigious awards and honors. For instance, at the IFA 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, our network hotspot M2 Pro was honored with the "Smart Home Black Technology Award." Additionally, our router model Routers AC3000 received the "Excellent Quality Life Award" at the 2019 China Consumer Electronics Expo. These accolades inspire our team and instill confidence in our continuous innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence.



For more details, please visit their official website for further information:



The company's official online store address is: www.wavlinkstore.com. Although it may not appear to be official at first glance, after conducting thorough research and investigation, I carefully examined it and confirmed that it is indeed the company's official online store. I am unsure why they have chosen to do this, but this is a genuine official website online store.


Alright, with a brief introduction, I will now guide you on how to purchase their discounted products.


Click on the store address above, open the homepage, navigate to the sales promotion page. Not all of their products have discounts; I'm just here to explain how to get an additional 10%-15% off their discounted prices.


I really appreciate their WIFI 6 AX1800 Outdoor AP (WN573HX1). I will use this product as an example. The original price was $214, but it is currently on sale for $189.99. By following the method I provided, you can receive an additional discount of 10%-15%. If you register as a member, you can also use the balance they offer.




Click on the product starting with WIFI 6 AX1800 priced at $189.99 to enter the product details page, then click 'Buy Now.' Of course, you can also check the official description and user reviews. Overall, the feedback for this product is quite good.




If you follow my tutorial step by step, you will be using their guest checkout. Please make sure to carefully fill in the shipping address and delivery information for guest checkout to avoid any delivery issues.


Another important point is to choose the payment method and delivery method carefully.




Expand the Coupon / Balance / Gift Voucher / C Code / Points section, where you will find an Enter C Code table. Enter the C-Code(s) I provided for your discounts.


  • B7DD7700E9
  • B00CFE5509
  • 11C8BD324C




This way, you can further discount the marketing price by 10%-15%.


I won't elaborate much on how to check out. Their website supports payment via credit card and PayPal without any additional fees.


At first, I didn't know that their code was universally applicable across the site. Later, when I was creating the tutorial, I tested it and found out that it could be used site-wide. It was a pleasant surprise. I am not sure if the official operators are aware of this.



They also have a very catchy slogan, 'WAVLINK See the world! '. Let's see the world together!

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