AX3000 WiFi6 Outdoor Access Point, Dual Band 2.4G+5G Long Range Outdoor WiFi Mesh Extender with PoE/4x8dBi High-gain Antennas/IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure/Signal Booster Amplifier

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WAVLINK Professional Outdoor Access Point, Enjoy Super-Speed WiFi6 Anytime & Anywhere

WN573HX3 is a high-performance outdoor router/AP/repeater specially designed for outdoor use: Robust weatherproof case and 15kV ESD protection ensure continuous operation and stable connection under harsh outdoor conditions; The 4 x 8dBi omnidirectional fiberglass tube antennas feature high strength and high precision, a long service life and excellent wireless performance; Supports IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/a/n/g/b standards, and provides blazing-fast Internet speeds of 3000Mbps (2.4GHz 573Mbps+5GHz 2402Mbps); Supports MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology, allowing up to 128 devices to be connected simultaneously in a wider range.




How to install the product on a column?

①Stick two silicone pads on the bracket and post respectively.

②Thread the cable ties through the fixing point of the bracket.

③Fix the product to the post with cable ties.


Fiberglass Tube High Gain Antennas

4 x 8dBi omnidirectional antennas are covered by strong fiberglass tube, expanding signal coverage and withstanding harsh conditions, providing superior WiFi performance and longer service life.


IP67 Waterproof Enclosure

Equipped with an IP67 enclosure with excellent dustproof and waterproof capabilities, this product can operate normally in rainy days, snowy days, thunderstorms, sandstorms and other severe weather.


PoE Power Supply

Both active and passive PoE are supported. You can install the corresponding PoE converter according to your needs. Passive PoE converter included.


573Mbps on 2.4G & 2402Mbps on 5G

Dual band AX3000 provides smoother online surfing experience and stronger anti-interference capability. 2.4G band is commendable for web browsing and social media use, while 5G band is ideal for video streaming or gaming.


High Power Amplifiers

Dual integrated signal boosters efficiently strengthen the wireless performance. The PA(power amplifier) increases the power output while the LNA(low-noise amplifier) minimizes additional noises and increases the wireless signal. 


Advanced WiFi Safeguard

WPA2-PSK & WPA2/WPA3-MIX wireless security protocols are supported, fully protecting your private information and keeping your WiFi connection secure at all times.



- Model: WL-WN573HX3

- Product Size(without antennas): 24x24x7cm/9.4x9.4x2.8in

- PoE Converter Size: 4.4x3.7x2.2cm/1.7x1.5x0.9in

- Length: Antennas - 40cm/15.7in; Ethernet Cable - 100cm/39.4in; Power Adapter Cable - 130cm/51.2in

- Product Weight(without antennas): 1109g/39.1oz

- Standard: IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/a/n/g/b

- Frequency Band/Speed: 2.4GHz(573Mbps)+5GHz(2402Mbps)

- Wireless Security: WPA2-PSK, WPA2/WPA3-MIX

- Antennas: 4 x 8dBi Omnidirectional Antennas


- PoE Converter Status LED: Green



- Supports for dual band (2.4G 573Mbps+ 5G 2402Mbps) with the aggregated speeds up to 3000Mbps.

- Supports one WAN/LAN Ethernet Gigabit port.

- Complies with IEEE 802.1 ax/ac/n/g/a/b standards.

- Supports AP/Range Extender/Mesh Router/Mesh Extender mode.

- Encryption type: OPEN,WPA2-PSK,WPA3/WPA2 MIX.

- 2x8dBi 5GHz and 2x8dBi 2.4GHz detachable omni-directional external antennas provide excellent wireless performance.

- Glass tube antenna for high precision, corrosion resistance. long life, strong wind resistance.

- Seamless and stable WiFi Mesh makes you enioy seamless roaming throughout the house with a single network name and password.

- Robust weatherproof case and IP67 waterproof grade withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

- Supports 802.3 AT/AF Active PoE and Passive PoE to supply power.


Warm Tips

①The PoE converter is not waterproof, please install it indoors.

②Please make sure your Ethernet cable is CAT5E or above certified and shorter than 100m/328ft.

③Please install the product 2-3 meters above the ground for better performance.

④Under the mesh mode, WN573HX3 supports interconnection with WN586X3, WN572HP3(*Latest firmware required) and WN573HX3.


In the Box

1 x AX3000WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

4 x Omni Antennas

4 x Cable Ties

1 x Ethernet Cable Connectors

1 x Quick Installation

1 x Wrench

2 x Silicone Pads

Several Screws

Passive PoE(Optional):

1 x 54V Power Adapter

1 x PoE Converter

1 x Ethernet Cable

kevin: How to install antennas and Ethernet cable?
2024-04-04 08:32:58
Answer: ①Pass the RJ45 cable through the waterproof connector cover.\n\n②Screw the waterproof seal into the waterproof connector bracket.\n\n③Pass the RJ45 cable through the waterproof connector bracket, and screw the waterproof connector bracket into the cover.\n\n④Put the waterproof sealing ring on the waterproof connector bracket.\n\n⑤Connect the RJ45 cable to WAN/LAN port.\n\n⑥Screw the connecting cable into the 2.4G and 5G antenna connector and screw up the connector.\n\nNote: The PoE converter is not waterproof, please install it indoors. Please make sure your Ethernet cable is CAT5E or above certified and shorter than 100m/328ft.
2024-04-04 08:33:34

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【⭐Designed for Harsh Outdoor Conditions】Equipped with IP67 waterproof enclosure, 15kV ESD protection and 6kV lightning protection, it can work normally in rain/snow/wind/thunder and other bad weather. The fiberglass tube high-gain antennas can not only withstand strong wind and corrosion, but also boost the WiFi coverage, making it more suitable for outdoor use.


【⭐Enjoy True WiFi 6 Speed】The next generation of WiFi, complies with IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n standards. Supports dual-band maximum speed up to 5GHz 2402Mbps and 2.4GHz 573Mbps, avoiding wireless interference & congestion and offering lightning-fast Internet speed. With WAVLINK WN573HX3, you can enjoy HD videos, smooth gaming, etc. even outdoors.


【⭐Optional PoE Power Supply】Supports 802.3AF/AT active PoE and passive PoE, transferring data and charging the product with a single Ethernet cable, so you can install the product outdoors where power outlet is not available. Note: The PoE converter is not waterproof. Please use CAT5E or above cable and the length should not exceed 100m/328ft.


【⭐Seamless WiFi Roaming】The 4x8dBi omnidirectional antennas and two built-in high-power amplifiers provide extreme WiFi coverage and penetration. Also supports Mesh technology, one-click brings more device connections, greatly expanding the WiFi coverage, and eliminating every network dead zone.


【⭐Multiple Modes, Flexible Use】Supports Mesh, AP, Router, Repeater, AP+Repeater and other modes to meet your different needs and apply to more outdoor connection scenarios. Router/AP Mode is ideal for converting wired connections into wireless networks, while under Mesh mode you can enjoy seamless WiFi with a single network name and password.

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