How to choose wired network and wireless network in home network?

08/12/2022 wavlink

Actually, I have described a similar question in an article on wireless router deployment for home LAN. We can expand and elaborate on it here.

Actually, I have described a similar question in an article on wireless router deployment for home LAN. We can expand and elaborate on it here.

First of all, we need a hybrid network environment that can run stably and can be upgraded at will.

Characteristics of home network

1. home network room, thick walls, space is relatively small compared to the office environment.

2. The transmission stability is lower compared to the office network

3. The requirements for outdoor are higher

4. More intelligent devices


In the face of these characteristics, the two networks mentioned in the question alone can not be fully satisfied, he is a hybrid structure, the place to pull the line to send the line in place, the place to cover the wireless signal to cover the wireless network in the right way.

For example.

We are a villa with a yard, then we send the network cable in each room on each floor and ensure the stability of the network signal transmission; our outdoor yard needs to be pre-installed with wired mesh network cable.


Another example.

We are a flat in the city, three rooms and two halls, we need to pre-bury good enough network cables to each room during the decoration, which has taken into account the part of the TV wall, the part of the TV wall at the end of the bed, the wired deployment part of the kitchen and bathroom. mesh network will be very handy to access where there are network cables to reach.

So, the rest of our problem is actually how to get all these things done more cost effectively. Here are a few suggestions that may be useful when renovating or building your own house.


1. network cable to gigabit network cable, the line of eight cores should be thick enough, the middle to have a crossbone (some companies produce network cable crossbone is relatively soft, there are also more rigid, this does not matter), gigabit unshielded twisted-pair copper wire diameter of 0.57mm (wire gauge 23AWG), with insulation skin wire diameter of 1.02mm (there are poor quality network cable skin will be thinner), the entire network cable with a protective layer wire diameter of 6.53mm. The CAT6 marked on the cable is a non-shielded Category 6 cable logo.

2. But there are users who can not afford to spend money, you can use a good 100 megabit cable, but the 100 megabit cable transmission rate will not reach 1000M, the average family can also use, but if the family broadband pull is more than 100M, you may not be able to enjoy the enjoyment of large bandwidth. Super Category 5 100 megabit network cable is marked CAT.5e (there is a logo on the outer skin of the cable), wire diameter bare copper core between 0.48-0.52mm are qualified 100 megabit network cable. Remember that some poor quality network cable will be twisted pair of each without the white line of the line to the standard wire diameter, with white wire diameter to do very thin (less than 0.48mm)

3. Home network does not need to buy a shielded network of seven types of cable, the price is high, but also impractical, the cost is very low.

4. router, you need to buy a router with mesh function, so as to achieve the whole house roaming without dropping the line. The author's company has sales wavlink gigabit wireless router and wired mesh network system.

5. switch (router ports are often not enough), in the case of many rooms to be equipped, to buy a gigabit switch 8-port gigabit more than $21, 16-port gigabit switch is only $75 .

6. surveillance video recorder, the most cost-effective is NVR, preferred Hikvision, cost-effective, no hidden charges. If you want to install monitoring at home, you need to be equipped with a POE switch, you need four-way monitoring to buy 5 ports POE (4 +1), eight-way monitoring to buy 9 ports (8 +1)

Mesh network part, my advice is to compare more, cost-effective and hardware performance is equally important, there are mesh products manufacturers tp-link, wavlink, and others, I may be able to find, for example, Tengda, netgear, etc.














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