Regarding the usage restrictions of C codes

29/01/2024 WAVLINK

This article introduces the constraints on C code usage, which you can refer to when needed.

The C codes have been available for some time now, and we have also introduced new features to our users. However, some users have raised concerns about the limitations of their usage.


The C codes are applicable to all products but with one condition: your individual order must exceed 79.


Of course, we also release some C codes without any minimum purchase requirement, which are generally hidden in a few specific places:


Product detail pages, especially those featuring products we heavily promote.

Articles occasionally contain hidden C codes as well.

We implement this approach to increase user engagement and enable them to better understand the WAVLINK brand.


2024 is a year where we aim to further elevate WAVLINK, and we hope that more friends can witness our growth. If you are an enthusiast of 3C products and have a strong interest in product reviews, we can also collaborate with you for product evaluations. Please note that certain conditions apply to these evaluations.


The C codes hidden on our website do not have an expiration date. You can save them for future use to enjoy discounts. Additionally, you can share them with your friends when they genuinely need WAVLINK products.


Since the C codes are anonymous, we won't know whom you've shared them with. However, if you wish to become our promotional user, you can apply to be a member of our affiliate program. This way, we will know whom you have referred. Upon completing the payment, we will provide you with rewards.


For users participating in our affiliate program, after applying, you can send a follow-up email to our operations manager to expedite the review process at

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